provides training with exclusive content, of proven quality (NPS average> 9), which share the practice of new knowledge. Our trainings are authorial, created by the author of the book and the method (after years of practice) and taught by outstanding practitioners.

We believe in sharing authorial knowledge, from practitioners to practitioners.

InCompany Training

Bring training to your organization (InCompany). The online format of our InCompany training has been working out remarkably well.  The training is conducted over 3 consecutive daily sessions, each of three hours.

With Lean Inception, the team achieves alignment on the Minimum Viable Product (MVP) to be built. With the Product Backlog Building (PBB) the team clarifies and prioritizes the stories to effectively create the Sprints backlog.

MVP, features and user stories. Now just do it. A good use of Scrum and Kanban helps (a lot) in this “just do it”. This is the content of the book and the Lean Delivery training. But there are still challenges that happen, Sprint by Sprint, related to the different stages that the team goes through, from inception to reaching their planned goals, with great success. Going further, you must always seek continuous improvement, foster and facilitate excellent Fun Retrospectives with your team.

>> If you believe your organization can and should improve using Lean Inception, PBB, Lean Delivery, Sprint to Sprint, and Fun Retrospectives please contact [email protected] .

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Open Classes schedule


Training listing was born in Brazil in 2017 and has been expanding through the world. The books and the trainings are first released in Brazil. Once they have good traction, the classes are opened in English and other languages. The following are the trainings available in English:

>> Lean Inception 

>> FunRetrospectives

>> Product Backlog Building

>> Minimum Viable Product

>> Lean Delivery

>> Sprint by Sprint