I was invited to facilitate a workshop to clarify four project teams’ deliverables and their dependencies. These teams are part of the same program of work.

The workshop took 2 hours, and I followed an agenda to cover 4 topics, answering the following four questions:

  1. What is our Program of Work?
  2. What are your team major deliverables?
  3. Which features are you working on the next 6 months?
  4. Which external (not created by your team) features do your features depend on?

Please find below the workshop photos and the used terms definitions.




The Program of Work is essentially a list of specific, strategic goals to accomplish over the coming year.

A major deliverable is a tangible item (e.g. a package going to the production servers, training sessions, user manual) produced by a team (typically as a part of a project) towards the program of work.

The major deliverables are the most important deliverables and may have multiple features or smaller deliverables included in their production.

A feature is a grouping of related functionalities. Such grouping helps to understand the product as a whole, as well its smaller and complementary parts. The understanding of a feature will change from team to team. The important thing is that such groupings makes sense to your team, and are aligned with the major deliverables.

Dependency is a directed relationship which is used to show that some feature or a set of features requires, needs or depends on other features.