“You should have an Agile champion on the top.” says Steve Denning on his keynote at the Scrum Gathering Rio 2016.


And here are some of the video transcripts:

“Value, principles, and then the practices…

Is the goal to make money to the shareholders or to create value to its customers?


The question I often ask is: So, how many layers can you have in your organization and still be agile?

The answer: It does not matter…This question is simply irrelevant once you have the right mindset.

The customer is now at the center of the universe.

And the same thing is now happening to the managers… but the customer is now the boss, at the center of the universe.

Two weeks ago we were at a couple of large organizations… they were making very little progress as they did not have an sponsor at the top… I don’t think they will go very far…

At contrast, this other place is doing really amazing, as they have a leader on the top… every aspect of this organization is going agile…

It makes a huge difference on the organization when you have a champion on the top.