In 2015 I read Steve Blank post: Why ‘Build, Measure, Learn’ isn’t just throwing things against the wall to see if they work

I always had a hard time dealing with the jump from the business model canvas to the agile engineering practices. After experimenting lots of styles of agile project initiation, or agile project inceptions (as these are named within Thoughtworks), I documented a recipe that has been working really well: Lean Inception.

The Lean Inception has been helping many people and organisations align about  the MVP — the answer to the question What to Build? –; the step between the idea and the build on the Build Measure Learn diagram below.


In fact, many colleagues and I have been using this approach in Brazil since 2011. The build-measure-learn cycle is quite common in organisations trying to be more lean and agile. As a consultant, I have been in many organisations facilitating several  Lean Inception workshops. Then, around 2016 it became a common practice in Brazil. In 2018 I decided to translate it from Portuguese to English.


I hope it helps other folks (like me) applying Lean Startup concepts on larger organisations.