Hate is a agenda for a 3 hour workshop for a small team, mixing some context sharing and future directions. The context: a new team member has joined the team; the team manager asked me for a workshop to share some context with the newcomer and also to help align the next few objectives and prioritize the initiatives the group should work on.

Some content in the images are blurry for confidentiality. The part about the activities and the process are visible.


I did split the workshop into two parts:

  • Context & History
  • Objectives and initiatives

Please find below some photos and the activities order, with a very brief explanation.

Context & History

Draw a Timeline

We used the retrospective Timeline driven by feelings for starting the conversation and sharing the historic context.

FLAP activity

Then we used the FLAP activity: Future direction, Lessons learned, Accomplishments and Problem areas to share even more context about the past and to get the group  to start thinking about the future directions.

Objectives and initiatives


What are the main objectives for this team?


What are the Key Results to each of these objectives?


Share the following template:

We believe that < initiative >

Will help with < OKR >


Ask each participant to write down initiatives cards


Create the table: initiatives x value & effort.

Value and effort are relative comparable in a scale from 1 to 10.

When creating the scoring table, the team decided to split the value into two parts: growth value and impact value, each of then being a number from 1 to 5. This is common. When preparing for the scoring activity, you should foster a conversation about value. It is very important that the team decide what is value. In this team, value is split between was growth value and impact value, respectively representing personal growth achievements and business value.


Calculate the score for each initiative: Score = Value / Effort

In this specific team example: Value = Growth Value + Bus. Value.

Done. With the photos and the conversations during the workshop, the team has achieved their goals for the workshop:  to share context with the newcomer and to align the objectives and the initiatives the group should work on (the highest score initiatives).


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