Excelente a apresentação do Paulo Silveira na QConSP 2016: Gerenciamento de produtos: de desenvolvedor para desenvolvedor

Conforme fui lendo a apresentação, busquei o os links indicados. Acabei adicionando mais algum texto e links para outras apresentações.

6 Things a Product Manager Is Not

Startup Metrics for Pirates



Segue a explicação do artigo sobre DAU / WAU / MAU:

“DAU is an acronym for Daily Active Users. It is the unique number of players that played your game in a 24 hour period. It doesn’t matter if a particular player plays your game several times in this period – their attendance is counted only once. A graphed visualisation of this metric gives a good indication of daily activity. At Playmetrix we use a variation where the ‘U’ stands for ‘Uniques’ rather than ‘Users’ and we generate this metric for all known events.


WAU is an acronym for Weekly Active Users. It’s calculated in exactly the same way as the DAU except the time period is now 7 days rather than 24 hours. Interestingly, the metric is not as commonly used as DAU and MAU, although obtaining visibility on a 7 day period is useful in practice.


MAU is an acronym for Monthly Active Users. This metric also is calculated in the same way as DAU and WAU except that the period is now 30 days. A 30 day period is a good mid-term range for viewing metric data and making decisions based on subsequent analysis. With this metric you’re now recording whether a player attends at least once in the month. As with DAU, at Playmetrix we use a variation where the ‘U’ stands for ‘Uniques’ rather than Users and we generate this metric for all known events. That means we can produce an MAU graph for a specific game event rather than player attendance alone. “ texto do artigo Do You Speak Metrics?

LTV (LifeTime value) e CAC (Customer Acquisition Cost)

[slideshare id=36259058&doc=cacltvworkshop-redgranite6-24-14-140624150223-phpapp02]

NPS (Net Promote Score)

“The best way to gauge the efficiency of a company’s growth engine is to take the percentage of customers who are promoters and subtract the percentage who are detractors. This equation is how we calculate a Net Promoter Score for a company. “ do artigo Measuring your Net Promoter Score℠

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