É uma honra ser o palestrante principal do CBSoft 2018,a Conferência Brasileira de Software.

Nesta apresentação, falarei sobre o indútria 4.0, a transformação digital. Lean StartUp, Minimum Viable Product (MVP) e o Canvas MVP (compartilhad no meu livro Lean Inception).


Keynote: Canvas MVP: an agile tool for digital transformation

Abstract: The world is changing faster and faster. With the advent of the internet, mobility, social networks and cloud computing, things have accelerated. In the past, the emergence of innovative products was slower and probably would not topple the CEO. He would retire before that. It’s different now. The future comes faster. And with it, disruptive innovation, the one that changes your business at the root. That will topple one CEO after another and take the company out of the market. The message is clear: only the most agile and innovative will survive. It’s a matter of time, but this time is short. Anyone who does not reinvent himself will be left out. In this talk we will share an agile tool to help with digital transformation and innovation. Let’s explore the Lean StartUp concept, talk about examples of Minimum Viable Product (MVP), and explore the MVP canvas.