Here is a retrospective exercise I have used a few times. I named it the speed car – abyss ectivity.

This is a forward thinking exercise, with an eye on the past. It is a mix of retrospective and futurospective. I did find it useful in occasions where the team came together for one of a time retrospective (not a iteration end, or release retrospective). In the instances I used this activity, it helped bringing the team together towards one common goal (which might not be very clear for all team members).

Activity instructios: total 40 minutes

Looking at the figure (drawn on the whiteboard), please write notes and place them on the following picture areas: Engine, Parachute, Abysm, Bridge (10 minutes total)

Read and group notes per area (5 minutes)

Discussion and action planning for each activity area. Recommended:

Engine, and Parachute 10 minutes;

Abysm, and Bridge, 15 minutes

Looking Back

Engine: What have been pushing us forward? Making us move fast?

Parachute: What have been slowing us down?

Looking Ahead

Abyss: What are the danger ahead? What could take us down the role?

Bridge: What could we build to overcome such challenges? What shall we do to overcome the abysm?

Here is the retrospective exercise as slides:

My special thanks to my friend Vini (Vincius Viera Gomes) for the awesome drawing.